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ZenHome Body Fragrance Oil (10ml)

ZenHome Body Fragrance Oil (10ml)

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ZenHome brings you exclusive riches from the Homeland of Spirituality, the land of origin of numerous spiritual beliefs. From this blessed land, we bring you unique products like Buddha Rice, Aroma Oils, reed diffuser oils, laundry fragrances, incense sticks, etc. that connect you with peaceful living.

ZenHome Body Fragrance Oils are rich scents brought to you by the Homeland of Spirituality. Natively known as attars, fragrances were a common commodity among the royals. We bring you those majestic fragrances of the royals with rich and luxurious notes in our handpicked collection of Body Fragrance Oils. These are natural scents with no gas or alcohol, so what you get is 10 ml of pure fragrance oil. ZenHome Body Fragrance Oils come in beautiful wooden roll-on sticks that you can directly apply to your skin.  These strong scents stay with you for long hours. Find your signature scent now!

  • ZenHome brings you its collection of luxurious Body Fragrance Oils
  • The Body Fragrance Oils by ZenHome come in four strong scents: Sandalwood, Oudh, Lotus, and Nirvana.
  • The fragrances come in wooden roll-on bottles of 10ml each.
  • Find your inner self with ZenHome Body Fragrance Oils.
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