Buddha Rice

Buddha Rice is award-winning white rice that exists since 600 B.C. in the region, Lord Buddha stayed all his life.

This Speciality rice is known to be Lord Buddha’s favourite which he gave people as his blessing and a reminder. Buddha Rice has a rich legacy.

ZenHome brings you this aromatic, GI-tagged, rare white rice variety which is healthier and diabetic-friendly.

BuddhaHome Region

BuddhaHome region is the special 300 sq. km. radius land where Lord Buddha spent all his life and experienced important moments. In this region, you will find the most sacred sites of Gautam Buddha directly related to Buddhism & Spirituality. This region is also the birthplace of many eternal philosophies like meditation, plant-based, karma, yoga, fasting, gender equality, co-existence, etc.

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ZenHome brings you exclusive riches from the REAL Home of Buddha, the land where Lord Buddha spent his entire life.

Our endeavor is to support the BuddhaHome region and revive its past glory. We identify unique products from the region and support the farmers, artisans and children of this region. 

BuddhaHome Region

Gautam Buddha is said to have spent his entire life in a 300 sq. km. radius area sharing his teachings and philosophies.


ZenHome pledges to GiveBack to the land of Buddha and bring prosperity to the lives of people of the region.

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Awards & Recognitions

ZenHome on its journey to revive the REAL Home of Buddha has worked towards bringing prosperity to the region and has garnered support and recognition from the local people and the government for its persistent efforts.

From the people
From the people
We farmers of Uttar Pradesh have been growing Buddha rice since long, but could never commercialise it due to unavailability of resources. BuddhaHome and Shivaansh have helped us in growing this crop commercially, so now we can grow it on large scale and save this blessing of Buddha.
— Farmers (Siddharth Nagar)