About Us

Exclusive Products and Stories from the REAL Home of Buddha

ZenHome is a venture that aspires to bring the treasures of the land of Buddha into the global arena.  Having realized that Gautam Buddha spent his lifetime traveling some regions of India, we decided to explore the area and found some of the hidden secrets of the land that we wish to give to the world.

ZenHome’s vision is to create awareness among people about the Real home of Buddha while simultaneously opening opportunities for the local farmers and artisans and bringing prosperity to their lives.

We wish to revive the spiritual capital of the world that is known to introduce the world to philosophies like meditation, yoga, natural wellness, and many more.

About BuddhaHome Region

Gautam Buddha, the sage and philosopher on whose teachings Buddhism is based, spent his entire life in India. His birthplace, the place where he spent his youth, attained enlightenment, regions where he preached and the place where he reached Pariniravana, each site beholds his blessings. This entire region where Buddha lived and taught his learnings sums up to around 200,000 sq km. We call this region the BuddhaHome Region.

BuddhaHome region comprises some of the most important sacred sites of Buddha. The land is truly gifted and echoes his simple teachings. The region we quote as BuddhaHome region was one of the first in the world to introduce co-existence, human rights, meditation, spirituality, yoga, karma, leading to eternal wisdom and spirituality. Let’s join hands to Give Back to the region by supporting farmers and artisans and bringing prosperity to their lives!