BuddhaHome Incense Sticks (60 Sticks)

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BuddhaHome brings you exclusive riches from the REAL Home of Buddha, the land where Gautam Buddha spent his entire life. From this blessed land, we bring you natural fragrances tapped in our Incense Sticks.

BuddhaHome Incense Sticks bring forth the beauty and power of nature. Made using exotic ingredients, these hand-rolled incense sticks heal your mind and body taking you to a state of calmness. The Incense collection of BuddhaHome includes 4 strong fragrances that have a soothing effect on the mind and body. 

  • BuddhaHome Incense Sticks range brings you pure fragrances that help focus your mind.
  • The Incense Sticks by BuddhaHome come in 4 strong fragrances: Agarwood, Sandalwood, Rose, and Musk.
  • These sticks are hand-rolled and are made using natural ingredients.
  • BuddhaHome Incense sticks come in a beautifully designed hard box with a ribbon string to pull out incense sticks. Each box contains 60 incense sticks.
  • Burn BuddhaHome Incense Sticks to feel divinity around you.

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