BuddhaHome Scented Candles

By ZenHome

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BuddhaHome brings you exclusive riches from the REAL Home of Buddha, the land where Gautam Buddha spent his entire life. From this blessed land, we bring you beautiful scented candles with carefully curated aromas.

BuddhaHome Scented Candles bring you the fragrance of the land of Buddha. These scented candles are a great way to enhance your surroundings and calm your senses. BuddhaHome brings you scented candles in four soothing fragrances that instantly uplift your mood and bring in positivity.

  • BuddhaHome Scented Candles offers a range of natural scents that comfort you.
  • The Scented Candles by BuddhaHome come in four soothing fragrances: Amber, Oudh, Lilac, and Rajnigandha.
  • BuddhaHome Scented Candles have a uniquely crafted crystal jar that gives them a distinct and dramatic look when lighted.
  • Add positivity and spiritual vibes to your living space with BuddhaHome Scented Candles.
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