BuddhaHome Incense Stand (Metal Stand)

By ZenHome

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BuddhaHome brings you exclusive riches from the REAL Home of Buddha, the land where Gautam Buddha spent his entire life. From this blessed land, we bring you beautifully crafted metal incense stands.

BuddhaHome Incense Stands reflect the true legacy of BuddhaHome region. Sourced to you from the land of Buddha, these intricately carved metal incense stands by BuddhaHome manifest the skill of the local artisans of the BuddhaHome region. 

  • BuddhaHome Incense Stands are beautifully carved metal stands to burn Incense sticks.
  • These stands have a smooth silver polish and are embedded with colorful stones. 
  • These leaf-shaped stands are such designed that the ash of burning incense falls on the stand itself, preventing any mess.
  • Burn the incense sticks by BuddhaHome in the beautifully crafted BuddhaHome Incense Stands and feel the divine spiritual energy around you.
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