BuddhaHome Fabric Aromas (100 ml)

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BuddhaHome brings you exclusive riches from the REAL Home of Buddha, the land where Gautam Buddha spent his entire life. From this blessed land, we bring you unique fragrances for your laundry called Fabric Aromas.

Fabric Aromas of BuddhaHome are sourced to you from the land of Buddha. They bring to you the freshness of natural scents. BuddhaHome brings you fabric aromas in two contrasting scents: lemon and sandal. Add a few drops of BuddhaHome Fabric Aroma to your laundry while washing, it will add a pleasant fragrance to your washed clothes.

  • BuddhaHome Fabric Aromas capture the beautiful scent of nature.
  • The Fabric Aromas by BuddhaHome come in two contrasting scents Lemon and Sandal.
  • The Fabric Aromas come in 100 ml bottles. Add 8-10 drops of the aroma to your laundry to get clothes with a pleasant aroma.
  • Use BuddhaHome Fabric Aroma for fresh-smelling fragrant clothes.

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