Buddha Rice

Buddha Rice is award-winning white rice that exists since 600 B.C. in the region, Lord Buddha stayed all his life.

 This Speciality rice is known to be Lord Buddha’s favourite which he gave people as his blessing and a reminder. Buddha Rice has a rich legacy.

ZenHome brings you this aromatic, GI-tagged, rare white rice variety which is healthier and diabetic-friendly.

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About us

ZenHome is a social venture that aims to connect people of Southeast Asia to the land of origin of Spirituality and bring its treasures to the global arena. The North-Indian peninsular region is the birthplace of many spiritual philosophies and practices. Once, the flourishing land of wisdom with great stories and riches is now on the verge of ruins. ZenHome aspires to bring this land back to prosperity. Also, as history reveals, the region is said to be the REAL Home of Buddha owing to the fact that Lord Buddha was born and lived all his life in this region. ZenHome’s vision is to create awareness among people about the land of Spirituality while simultaneously opening opportunities for the local farmers and artisans and bringing prosperity to their lives. We wish to revive the spiritual capital of the world that is known to introduce the world to philosophies like meditation, yoga, natural wellness, and many more.

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